Pre-Confederation Treaties

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Treaty No. 5 Penetanguishene

This treaty originated in two historical processes. The southern part, negotiated in 1875, was one of the southern Prairie treaties, and was in large part a result of the insistence of the Native people of that region that their Aboriginal rights be recognized by the Canadian government, which had recently acquired title to their lands. The northern part of Treaty 5 was negotiated in 1908.


Treaty No. 16 Lake Simcoe

The Lake Simcoe–Lake Huron Purchase, registered as Crown Treaty No. 16, was signed November 18, 1815, between the Ojibwa and the Government of Upper Canada. It purchased a large portion of the lands between Lake Simcoe and Lake Huron, including all of the territory upon which the Penetanguishene Road had recently been cut.


Treaty No. 18 Lake Simcoe – Nottawasaga

Articles of a Provisional Agreement entered into on Saturday, October 17, 1818, between the Honourable William Claus, Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs in behalf of His Majesty, of the one party, and Musquakie, or Yellow Head, Chief of Rein Deer Tribe, Kaqueticum, Chief of the Cat Fish Tribe, Maskigonce of the Otter Tribe, Manitonobe of the Pike Tribe, Principal Men of the Chippewa Nation of Indians, inhabiting the northern parts of the unpurchased lands within the Home District, of the other part, Witnesseth…


Treaty No. 20 Rice Lake

On November 5th, 1818, there was signed one of the most important of the treaties between the Crown and the Indians. Treaty #20, known as “Surrender M”, was signed at Smith’s Creek in the Township of Hope. The Treaty was signed by William Claus, Deputy Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs, and by six tribal Chiefs.


Treaty No. 27 Alderville

Articles of a Provisional Agreement entered into on May 31, 1819, between John Ferguson, of Kingston, in the County of Frontenac and Province of Upper Canada, acting on the part and behalf of His Majesty of the one part, and Nawacamigo, Anteniwayway, Kabiatsi-waybigehe, Wabukeek, Shiwitagan, Kotouche, Nawakeshecom, Shawondais, Kiwaishe, Nibinowinin, Kakekijick, Pape-woun, Wobekenense, Nagonseway, Ketchegam, Kamanyouweney, Shebeshe, Nakawagan, Wobasek, Principal Men of the Mississauga Nation of Indians inhabiting the tract of land here in after mentioned and described, of the other part.


Treaty No. 27 1/4 Rideau Purchase

This indenture, made November 28, 1822, between Nawacamigo, Antenewayway, Kabratsiwaybiyebe, Wabakeek, Shewitagan, Kotanche, Nawakeshecom, Shawandais, Kiwaishe, Niboirinin, Kakekijick, Papewaun, Wabekenense, Naganseway, Ketchegam, Kamenjonweney, Shebeshe, Nacawagan, and Wabasek, the Chiefs and Principal Men of the Missisague Nation of Indians inhabiting and claiming the tract of land…